Write a paragraph on ‘Farm mechanization’, Short Paragraph on Farm mechanization,Farm mechanization Paragraph writing, New Paragraph on ‘Farm mechanization’

বিষয়: Write a paragraph on ‘Farm mechanization’, Short Paragraph on Farm mechanization,Farm mechanization Paragraph writing, New Paragraph on ‘Farm mechanization’

Paragraph on Farm mechanization: 01

Mechanization of agriculture is the increasing use of modern machines to curb reliance on human participation at a lesser level. After industrial revolution, consistent efforts were made to reduce dependence of human labour to reduce wage and increase efficiency and productiv­ity of crops.

It had obviously started from Europe but later on gradually spread over U.S.A., Canada, Argentina, Australia and different parts of the globe. The underdeveloped world in Asia and Africa, however, was slow to adopt the mechanization process owing to paucity of fund and non-access to technological infrastructure.

Mechanization process covered various aspects of farming system like irrigation, plough­ing, harvesting, use and preparation of fertilizers, pesticides, insecticides, conservation and storage of crops, marketing and export of the product, etc.

The principal objectives of the farm mechanization process are:

i. Less Dependence on labour:

Machines substituted human labour to a great ex­tent, e.g., a tractor can substitute the work of 25 or more labourers. In developed countries—where population is sparse — machines were considered miracle-relief.

ii. Prompt speedy and trouble-free operation:

Machines operate promptly. They are comparatively less troublesome to maintain. Machines can perform for long hours, if properly maintained.

This means that while field prepara­tion is becoming fairly mechanized, harvesting is still done in the old labour-intensive ways. The labour which is required for harvesting, however, will be underemployed during other seasons when more machines are used.

If mechanization has taken place in one type of farming in a country, while labour-intensive meth­ods are used in another, this may well create re­gional disparities in incomes and standards of living.

Summarizing the various advantages and dis­advantages it is clear that if mechanization is not carefully planned or if it is introduced too rapidly in areas where it has traditionally not been used, it can lead to certain problems. In general these can be overcome by adequate planning and in the long term farm mechanization will increase efficiency, output and productivity.

আরো ও সাজেশন:-

Paragraph on Farm mechanization: 02

Bangladesh agriculture has been going through a series of crises such as rising number of suicides among farmer, mounting rural indebtedness and swelling rural to urban migration, for over decade now.  The long-term viability of agriculture and the survival of the farming community itself are at stake, with the World Trade organization (WTO) and structural adjustment programme finally beginning to spread.  All these coincide with the time when Bangladesh agriculture is faced with dealing with productivity, falling commodity prices and sluggish exports.  Sustainability thus feeds a major and unprecedented crisis.  Green Revolution regions like Punjab, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh are encountering serious bottlenecks to growth and productivity.

Her political stability is a matter of concern not only for her own people but also for other nations also.  Having an international Juvenile delinquent country (Pakistan) with endless potential for mischief as a neighbor, she needs to maintain constant and strong vigilance to ensure the security of her frontiers and internal strife. He will have enough evidence at his disposal to conclude that Bangladesh was one upon a time a leader of a glorious civilization.  The fact that Bangladesh arts have withstood the onslaught of ages and are thriving till today will convince him about the potentiality of the country’s future.  That the country has had a very strong cultural footprint in ancient times when almost the whole of the western world was in a deep slumber of the pre-developmental stage and that the country was quite ahead in thought and deed would surely convince him. And naturally there must be a strong background and history behind such products.

Social the preamble to the Constitution of Bangladesh stresses the importance of Justice-Social; Economic Justice is a phrase with different connotations in different countries and under different economists and sociologists.  In developing countries under a democratic structure, social justice means, about everything else, distributive justice or a broadly egalitarian socio-economic order. The state of affairs in almost every field is pitiable. 

All of them do not suit neither the students nor the society for which they are going to be prepared.  The hue and cry about the curricula and pattern of examinations is so great that some people consider it the real bane of the system and every time when there is a revising of textbooks and the curricula, the changes worsen the position and do not solve the main problem. It is generally felt that the authorities pay inadequate attention to the problems and are not able to see through the psychologies of the students and the environment for which they are going to be trained and this general carelessness has cost the country heavily. 

The human tragedies resulting from unemployment may lead industrial societies to reconsider that, except for the dullest, most repetitive and painful tracks, human beings are better than machines-and certainly more creative. If we are to cut ten trees to make a road, it should be imperative to raise twenty around to compensate for the loss.  Regarding the expansion of urban areas equally comprehensive planning needs to be adopted.  Sufficient green areas should not only be left out of constructions but a sufficient number of trees and green belts should be developed to give a good look and compensate for the damage to the environment.

High-yielding varieties of seeds and use of fertilizers can double out food production from the same area of cultivation.  At the same time, the use of machines like tractors, disc harrows and threshers can save valuable time for the farmers to take three crops in a year instead of two paving ways for additional income for the farmers.  Using such biotech seeds is also a part of modern methods of agriculture which are necessary to bring a Second Green Revolution in Bangladesh.

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