The Liberation War of Bangladesh

The Liberation War of Bangladesh 01

The war of independence is a glorious period in the history of our country. The war was fought against the Pakistan army in 1971. Through this war, Bangladesh emerged as an independent country. It was also a war of supreme sacrifice. About three million people died in this war, Most of them died in the genocide carried out by the Pakistani army. The Liberation War of Bangladesh

On March 25, the army launched a massive attack in which there were heavy casualties. Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib was arrested and flown to West Pakistan. Before that, he declared the independence of Bangladesh. Most of the Awami League leaders fled and set up a government-in-exile in Calcutta, declaring Bangladesh an independent state.

Internal resistance was mobilized by some Bengali units of the regular army, notably by Major Zia ur-Rahman. Eventually, on Dec. 3, 1971, the Indian army invaded the territory of its neighbor. The Pakistani army surrendered on December 16.

Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was released from jail and returned to a hero’s welcome, assuming leadership of the new Bangladesh government in January 1972. Our victory in the war of independence was a hard-earned one. We should not let this great achievement go in vain.

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The Liberation War of Bangladesh: 02

Bangladesh is an independent country. It became independent from Pakistan in 1971. Our liberation war started on 26 March in 1971. It lasted for nine months. People of all walks of life joined the war. Their target was to save the country. To defend the country they sacrificed their lives smilingly. They did not run away showing their backs.

India helped us to achieve our independence. Many of our freedom fighters received training from India. About 3 million people sacrificed their lives to gain independence. Many women of our country were rapped.

During liberation were roads, drains, bridges, houses were destroyed. Intellectuals were also killed brutually.

The Pakistani Army surrendered on 16 December in 1971 and we became independent since then. And the Bangles are the only nation who became independent within 9 months.

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Bangladesh is an independent country. But once it was not an independent country. The people of Bangladesh did not had liberty and sovereignty. In 1947, This area was divided into two countries.

One was India and the other was Pakistan. On the other hand, Pakistan was divided into two parts. One was East Pakistan and the another was west Pakistan. Our Bangladesh’s name was East Pakistan and we were ruled by West Pakistan. They not only ruled us but also used to persecute us. They smuggled our products and wealth from our country.

We were deprived of all kinds of facilities and our proper rights. We wanted to be free from them and their torture. But there was not any leader who can protest against them. In the meantime, the great leader of Bangladesh Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman protested against them and he was the dreamer of our independence. We have gotten our independence in his efforts and his leadership.

So, Bangabandhu is called the father of the nation of Bangladesh. On 7th March 1971, he used to declare a speech in the national assembly standing in front of about 1 million people. In this speech, indirectly he declared our independence, but he declared our independence directly on the first hour 26 March in 1971.

He suggested that Banglali fight combat against the Pakistani army. After hearing the declaration of independence, Patriotism rosed in the Bangladeshi people. First, they started to fight against the Pakistani army without any kind of arm. But after some days they started to take training from India and fought bravely against the Pakistani army in combat.

Some so many collaborators didn’t support the liberation war through they were Bangles. They used to show the way to the Pakistani army and helped them. However, the freedom fighter’s fought for 9 months against the Pakistani army. After 9 months later, on 16th December 1971, finally, we have gotten our victory.

Pakistan lost the war and they surrendered. The victory of our country didn’t come just like that. We have gotten it in exchange for the lives of 3 million people. They were very respectable people for us. For them, now we are the citizen of an independent country. They are called the best children of the Bengali nation. We got the national flag, national anthem, and an independent country only for them. So, we should tribute them. To show homage to them we go to the memorial barefoot and also pray to Allah for them.

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Liberation/Independence means freedom. So, liberation war/war of independence means the war which is fought for the freedom of a country from foreign domination. The emergence of Bangladesh is a history of grief (†kvK) and pride. It came into being in 1971 after a great war against the then Pakistani occupying forces.

After the British, they exploited us economically, socially, politically and above all militarily. But, the heroes of the soil did not tolerate their exploitation. They raised their arms and compelled the occupying forces to leave the country. On March 26, the liberation war started. In this war, thousands of people were killed in the hands of the Pakistani force.

The Mukti Bahini fought against them and resisted them in land, water and even by air everywhere in Bangladesh. They fought for long nine months against the Pakistanis and made a free country on 16 December, 1971. This is the fastest victory against an occupying force in the world history.

We celebrate our liberation with fervour and enthusiasm . We show our respect bowing down our heads in front of the National Memorial at Savar. We organise various seminars, symposiums and cultural functions to celebrate this day

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The liberation war is a unique thing in our lives. We are self-established as an independent nation in the bosom of the world today. The emergence of Bangladesh in the world and the manifestation of the independent entity of the Bengali nation is not a coincidence.

Through nine months of bloody war and in exchange for three million fresh lives, we have got the taste of liberation. It was in the great liberation war that the Bengali nation made the supreme sacrifice. He achieved his best achievement.

So the liberation war is the source of our pride, the source of our identity. The departure of the British in 1947 ensured india’s independence. But there was no real liberation of the Bengali nation. Our freedom movement flourished through various mass movements including the attack on the Bengali language in 1952, united front of 1954, the anti-military movement of 1958, the anti-military movement of 1966,

the six points of 1966, the people’s uprising of 1969. After all, in the 1970 National Assembly elections, the then Awami League won an absolute majority, but the Pakistanis began to struggle to transfer power. That’s when the freedom movement began.

On the night of 25 March 1971, the Pakistani invading forces pounced on unarmed Bengalis. Various types of barbarism, including murder, rape, arson, etc., are carried out all over the country. The people of this country did not sit still. The people of Bengal resisted the movement of the Pakistanis. The war of liberation lasted about nine months.

On December 16, 1971, General Amir Abdullah Khan (AAK) Niazi surrendered on behalf of the invading forces along with 93,000 soldiers. Through the Great Liberation War, the Bengali nation achieved the freedom of dreams. In 1971,

the Bengali nation set an impeccable example of valour and self-sacrifice in the world. Our liberation war is our heritage, our spirit. It is our duty to maintain this tradition.

The Liberation War of Bangladesh

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