Pastime may change generation to generation. Take an interview with your parents or grandparents or elderly people in your family

Pastime is an activity that someone does regularly for enjoyment rather that work.

In old generations, people have different interests and hobbies. They were interested in activities that mostly have physical involvement. Hanging out with friends or family, outdoor games like cricket, hockey, football and activities like watching TV or movies were common.

Nowadays, people have got quite different interests, With the advancement in technology, the world has become more online. Social networking has increased to a great extent.

The new generation is more into programming than physical activities. Their interests are quite different from previous generations.

Given below are some of the top differences between old generation and new generation pastime:

[Note: Sample Answer: Md Rakib Hossain Sojol (Bangla News Express)]

Social Media

Social media has now become a part of our lives. There are many impacts of social media on our youth, both positive and negative. It is a very helpful tool if we use it for some goal or education. But the craze of social media in our youth is detrimental in not just education but also physical and mental health. Many social networking sites are gaining popularity in new generations. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and TikTok are the most important in them. Getting more likes and followers is like a competition. One with a higher number of followers is considered successful in today’s world.

On the other hand, going to a neighbor’s house and hanging out in groups were popular pastime among old generation. They used to visit relatives house, share ideas and thoughts, discuss about their daily lives.

In my opinion socializing is important for one but up to a certain limit. Beyond that range, it is harmful to our personality, health, and career as well.

[Note: Sample Answer: Md Rakib Hossain Sojol (Bangla News Express)]


Unlike competitive gaming, e-gaming involves the online connection of multiple players. You can connect with millions of people from all around the world through an online platform and play the games together. This does not require going into a playground or any specific sports equipment. Rather you need just a good internet connection and a smartphone and you can enjoy gaming at home.

Many online games are popular among youngsters. PUBG, Clash of Kings, Minecraft, Evertale, and Ludo star is the most common.

But being addicted to e-games is harmful, It hinders the mental development and on the other hand the body becomes obese due to lack of physical activity.

On the other hand, playing in fields was very popular among old generation because we had many open fields around. Travelling With the advent of more easy and comfortable means of transportation, people’s interest in travelling is also increased. You can plan a trip, buy a ticket, and explore your destiny so easily. Travelling is a hobby for those who love adventures, do the things that scare them the most, kill their comfort zone to explore the world, and do everything that seems different to them. People don’t bother for money for their travelling craze, In new generation, middle class and lower middle class people can afford travelling expenses. On the other hand, travelling was not so easy for old generation people, only rich people were able to afford travelling expenses.


Listening to music is one of those hobbies that are common in old and new generations. If we specifically talk about youth, they use music as a source of entertainment as well as a relaxing tool in their rough and tough routine and many more., Many youngsters make a living in the music industry. Learning to play musical instruments is one of their favourite interests, Many brands available in the market that may help you learn the basics of musical instruments, When you have professional and high-quality instruments you can learn the basics of Music easily in much less time.

[Note: Sample Answer: Md Rakib Hossain Sojol (Bangla News Express)]

Reading Books

Reading books was important for the old generation because it was not possible to know the world without books. They had to read books to acquire knowledge of literature, so they used to read more and more books.

But now time have changed. If you have internet, you can easily know any information of the world through Google. That is why people’s habit of reading books has decreased a lot.

At last, I can say, whatever your interest or hobby is, make sure it must be productive and in a certain limit; because an excess of anything in life is bad.

[Note: Sample Answer: Md Rakib Hossain Sojol (Bangla News Express)]

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