Paragraph: Food Adulteration & Water Pollution

Paragraph: Food Adulteration

Man lives on food for survival. Clean and fresh foods are good for health but adulterated foods are harmful to human health. Food adulteration has spread so much in the country in recent times that consumers are finding it very difficult to purchase pure food. From fish markets to renowned confectioneries and even supermarkets,

consumers are being deceived into buying adulterated foods. A recent survey on the kitchen markets of Dhaka city shows that around 50% vegetables and 35% fruits contain unsafe level of pesticides. Different samples of milk, milk products, fish, fruits and vegetables contain banned pesticides.

The greed of the corrupt businessmen is the main reason for food adulteration. They do not hesitate to mix poison with foods just to make more profits. Food adulteration causes various diseases like cancer, kidney failure, high blood pressure, heart attack etc. Mobile courts comprising officials from Dhaka City Corporation, District Administration and Bangladesh Standards and Testing Institution (BSTI) often carry out drives against such crimes. But these drives are proving ineffective in preventing the traders involved in such illegal activities.

To solve the problem, instead of focusing on the end products, the issue should be addressed at the root level. Recently the Govt. has introduced a law to stop food adulteration and punish the corrupt businessmen. But a co-ordinated agency should take the responsibility of ensuring food safety.

Paragraph: Water Pollution

Water is a vital element of environment. It is called life because without it, it is not possible for us to live. The existence of life is quite impossible without water. But water is polluted in many ways.

Man pollutes water by throwing waste into it. Farmers use chemical fertilizers and insecticides in their fields. When rain and flood wash away some of these chemicals they get mixed with water in rivers, canals and ponds. Mills and factories also throw their poisonous chemicals and waste products into rivers and canals and thus pollute water.

Water vehicles are also responsible for water pollution. They dump oil, food waste and human waste into water. Insanitary latrines and unsafe drains on rivers and canals also cause water pollution. Thus water is polluted by various kinds of waste and filth.

The United Nations identified the drinking water problem as one of the challenges for the future. Because of pollution, many rivers have already become dead and many are having pangs of death. Only the river Buriganga is polluted by 45oo tons of solid waste and 20000 tons of tannery waste everyday.

Water pollution is harmful because it causes poisoning and water-borne diseases such as cholera and diarrhoea. Unless we stop water pollution now, we will face water crisis in near future. Then we will cry ‘water’, ‘water’, but find it nowhere.

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