Antibiotics reduce children’s immunity!

Antibiotics reduce children’s immunity!

Headache or fever. Adults take antibiotics without thinking. We take different types of antibiotics for any other ailment, not just headaches or fevers. And it is normal to take medicine to cure the disease. But you know what, this drug is dangerous!

Experts say excessive use of antibiotics lowers the immunity of newborns and children. They say a slight fever, stomach ache or shortness of breath. Doctors prescribe antibiotics to heal the baby. The use of these antibiotics is weakening children in the future.

How are children getting antibiotic problems?

Experts say that intestinal bacteria are not the only ones that help digestion. These bacteria also help prevent various diseases like asthma, allergies, stomach ailments. Every baby’s body has its own set of bacteria, the microbiome. The first two to three years of life are very important in the formation of this microbiome. But research says antibiotics are having an effect on the structure of this microbiome.

‘Danger antibiotics!’

Repeated use of antibiotics inhibits bacterial formation, the researchers said. The net result of which is that a well-formed microbiome is not formed in the body of the child. This does not stabilize the necessary bacteria in the body of children.

Danger caesarean baby!

Newborns born by caesarean section are also at risk. That is what the researchers claim. Caesarean babies have lower levels of immune bacteria in their gut. The effects of antibiotics on these children may be worse. So researchers say children should be careful with antibiotics. Because the first three years of life, the use of unnecessary antibiotics is not good at all.

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