Write about the importance of peace in our social life?

Social peace is a reality in the existence of humanity. It is an essentialness that humanity’s longing with an optimist approach. Social peace is a way of sustaining social life distant from internal conflict. It is one of the objectives of social politics, which offer peaceful solutions to the disputes and conflicts that may arise from disagreements and social tensions among national and international various sectors of society. Thus,

this reduces all kinds of social tensions and ensures social peace and it represents the ideal situation. It has been a major problem to ensure the social peace all along for every society. Secular paradigms set out in the secular world of Western-Centric, despite all the sophistication longed at the point of social peace, has not reached the expected level. Since the early history of, perhaps, since Cain and Abel,

provision of social peace which is “a human problem? has been much more difficult and complex matter of life. While the steps through rule of law, strengthening democracy and democratic social life create positive results in certain region of the world, on the other hand unemployment, disease, exploitation and hunger continue to tyrannies a large part of the world. All this has directly affected anyone in the world since it occurs in a global village. In this study,

after putting the key elements of social peace and the obstacles in front of the meaning and importance of social peace will be discussed in terms of the Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam).


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