Part-A (Unit Twelve): Lesson – 2 What is conflict?

  1. Part-A (Unit Twelve): Lesson – 2: What is conflict?

Part-A Read the passage silently three times, try to understand the difficult words then answer the questions (1-4)

  1. Choose the best answer from the alternatives.

(a) The word ‘conflict’ means _

(i) fight (ii) quarrel (iii) negotiation (iv) discuss

Ans: (i) fight

(b) The word ‘antagonism’ means _

(i) similar (ii) opposition (iii) parallel (iv) none

Ans: (ii) opposition

(c) The word ‘hostility’ means _

(i) enmity (ii) friendship (iii) relationship (iv) ownership


(i) enmity

(d) The word ‘pertain’ means _

(i) relate (ii) far (iii) connect (iv) break


(i) relate

  1. Answer the following questions.

(a) What according to the text is conflict?

Ans: Conflict is a type of disagreement among groups or individuals characterized by antagonism and hostility.

(b) What causes conflict?

Ans: The clashing of thoughts and ideas causes conflict.

(c) How many parties are involved in a conflict?

Ans: At least two parties are involved in a conflict.

(d) How does conflict influence our actions and decisions?

Ans: A conflict may involve other individual, groups of people, or a struggle within our own selves and thus it influence our actions and decision in one way or another.

(e) Is there any positive impact of conflict?

Ans: Yes, though positive conflict of a meaningful result can be expected.

3. Write about the importance of peace in our social life?

Ans: links

  1. Summarize the passage in five sentences in your own words.

Conflict can defined as clash of value and ideas many among things, and the most serious form of conflicts armed is clashes that results in lot of deaths and casualties. There can be conflict within us, which is called interpersonal conflict. The conflict between or among person is Called interpersonal conflict. Constraints of natural resources is also a cause of conflicts & it is known as economic conflict. Conflict is a very natural phenomenon buy something it taker serious forms.


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