S.S.C – Preparation Grammar : Passage Narration

Passage Narration

    Re-write the following passage changing the form of speech.
  1. Rashed said Tapas, ‘I went to the station. I had to receive my uncle there. Where did you go?’ ‘I went to your house to collect a book from you.’ ‘I am sorry. Let’s go. I shall lend you the book.’

Answer: Rashed said Tapas that he (R) had gone to the station and he (R) had to receive his (R) uncle there. Rashed also asked Tapas where he (T) had gone. Tapas replied that he had gone to his house (R) to collect a book from him (R ). Rashed apolozied and proposed to him that they should go. Rashed also confirmed him (T) that he (R) would lend him (T) the book

  1. The Teacher became very angry with the student and said, ‘Why have you disturbed the class in this way? I have told you before that when I am speaking you should be silent. Be attentive and listen to my words.’

Answer: The teacher became angry with the student and asked why he (S) had again disturbed the class in that way. He (T) added that he (T) had told him (S) before that when he (T) was speaking he (S) should be silent. Then he (T) ordered the student to be attentive and listen to his (T) words.

  1. Teacher said to me, ‘Why did you not perform your homework?’ I said to him, ‘Sorry I was busy with my mother’s treatment.’ Then he said, ‘From now on I expect you to be punctual.’ I said, ‘Ok, Sir.’

Answer: The Teacher asked me why I had not performed my homework. I told him sorrowfully that I had been busy with my mother’s treatment. Then he told that from then on he expected me to be punctual. I respectfully told him that it would be ok.

  1. ‘Nafia, have you done your English lesson today?’ asked the teacher. ‘Yes Sir.’ she replied. ‘But I haven’t understood one grammatical point.’ the teacher assured her saying. ‘Come to my room, I’ll help you understand the point.’ ‘Thank you sir.’ she smilingly said.

Answer: The teacher asked Nafia if she had done his English lesson that day. Nafia respectfully replied in the affirmative and said that he had not understood one grammatical point and also requested him to explain her to understand the point. He thanked him with respect.

  1. My friend said to me, ‘Why are you sitting alone here?’ I have been looking for you. Let us go for a walk in the open field. ‘Leave me alone.’

Answer: My friend asked me why I was sitting alone there and told me that he had been looking for me. He further proposed that we should go for a walk in the open field. I told him to leave me alone.


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