Write a paragraph on ‘Water logging in Dhaka City’, Short Paragraph on Water logging in Dhaka City,Water logging in Dhaka City Paragraph writing, New Paragraph on ‘Water logging in Dhaka City’

বিষয়: Write a paragraph on ‘Water logging in Dhaka City’, Short Paragraph on Water logging in Dhaka City,Water logging in Dhaka City Paragraph writing, New Paragraph on ‘Water logging in Dhaka City’, Short New Paragraph on Water logging in Dhaka City, Water logging in Dhaka City

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‘Water logging in Dhaka City Structural causes are one of the main culprits behind the problem of water logging. Rapid urbanisation, unplanned digging of roads for maintenance purpose,

unplanned and unsecured drainage system, shrinking of natural drainage and wetlands due to unauthorised land filling and illegal construction over canals is all contributing to water logging. Constant land grabbing is leading to the blockage of natural filtration of rainfall, thus, adding to the problem at hand. Improper management is another major contributor.

Governing authorities do not have any long term, coordinated plans to address the problem of water logging. The government has failed to maintain any control over unauthorised and unplanned development that is occupying canals and water bodies in and around cities. They do not even bother to supervise the digging of roads during monsoon by WASA,

Rajuk, City Corporation and other private developers. People of mega cities like Dhaka, Chittagong and other populated cities have valid reasons to be worried as it is they who suffer from problems caused by water logging. Even due to slight rainfall, roads sometimes become unusable.

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Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh is one of the populous Mega City in the world. As the growth of urban population tacking place at an exceptionally rapid rate, the city is unable to cope with changing situations due to their internal resource constraints and management limitations. In recent years Dhaka City is facing extensive water logging during the monsoon (May to October) as a common and regular problem of the city like water pollution, traffic congestion, air and noise pollution, solid waste disposal, black smoke etc.

This paper focuses on the rainfall induced flooding that is caused by high intensity storm rainfall runoff in the city area that is inundated for several days mainly due to lack of proper drainage system and inefficient management. It ascertain the inherent causes of such water logging and its effects on the city life from the perception of authorities of different development organizations, experts and people living in different parts of Dhaka City.

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Heavy downpour occurs in Dhaka City during monsoon, as it is located on the extensive floodplains of Ganges and Brahmaputra. But the unplanned spatial development activities and growth of habitation due to rapid population growth are causing encroachment on retention areas and natural drainage paths with little or no care of natural drainage system that creating obstacles to properly drained out the urban runoff. Therefore water logging is tacking place as different parts of the city remains inundated for several days. Inadequate drainage sections, conventional drainage system with low capacity and gravity, natural siltation, absence of inlets and outlets, indefinite drainage outlets, lack of proper maintenance of existing drainage system, and over and above disposal of solid waste into the drains and drainage paths are accounted for the prime causes of blockage in drainage system and water logging. In addition, seasonal tidal effect and the topography of the city area also causing water logging.

This water logging becomes a burden for the inhabitants of Dhaka City and creating adverse social, physical, economic and environmental impacts. Disruption of traffic movement and normal life; damage of structures and infrastructure; destruction of vegetation and aquatic habitats; loss of income potentials are the encountered effects of water logging on city life. The storm water becomes polluted as it mixes with solid waste, clinical waste, silt, contaminants, domestic wastes and other human activities that increase the water born diseases. The stagnant storm water leads to the creation of breeding sites for diseases vectors that becomes a hazard to health as well as being unsightly and foul smelling.

Management of drainage system of Dhaka City is presently a challenge for the urban authorities because of rapid growth of population and unplanned development activities. Therefore, a close coordination among urban authorities and agencies and collaboration between public and private sectors is needed for effective management and sustainable operation of urban drainage system.

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A collage of photographs published in this newspaper yesterday speaks of the continuous sufferings the city-dwellers have to go through as major thoroughfares of the city get inundated after a few hours of rain. And every time after a little shower, the city’s traffic system totally collapses.

Waterlogging in Dhaka has become a common problem during monsoon. Rainwater is carried through natural canals and large concrete pipes to flood plains and rivers, but as most of the canals have been grabbed by the encroachers or clogged with solid wastes, the city streets are submerged even after a little rain. Moreover, according to experts, the city’s storm-water drainage system is inadequate and is only capable of dealing with 20mm of rainfall and the streets get waterlogged if the rainfall exceeds 40mm. So, Dhaka needs a complete drainage network in which the canals, water retention areas, flood plains and rivers would collect, carry and retain rainwater and will be connected with each other.

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According to the Flood Action Plan and DAP, the city should have 5,523 acres of conserved water retention areas, 20,093 acres of canals and rivers, and 74,598 acres of flood flow zones. But according to experts, most of these wetlands have been filled up.

Immediate action needs to be taken to reclaim the lost floodplains and canals, otherwise the situation will keep worsening. It is the duty of the city authorities to clean up the clogged drains and canals and rescue the water bodies inside the city from the land grabbers. The Dhaka City Corporations and Dhaka Wasa have to do their development works in coordination with each other. But what is most important is the implementation of the Dhaka’s Detailed Area Plan (DAP) if we want a permanent solution to this problem.

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