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Short Essay on Importance of Good Manners in Life – Essay 1 (200 words)

It is said that “A man’s manners are a mirror in which he shows his portrait”. Hence, it is necessary to have good manners to be respectful in public. We think that intelligence and money are the only ways to gain respect among people and in society, but this is a very wrong notion. Even if one is intelligent or rich or both at the same time he won’t be treated with respect if he lacks good manners and treats others well.

The way one behaves in public sets a standard for other people also to behave with him accordingly. The need of adopting good manners in public is not only to gain respect, but also to show people that you are considerate about their feelings and their dignity. Moreover, good manners lead to good habits and good habits eventually lead to individual growth as well as overall development of a country.

It is very important to understand the importance of the magical words such as “thank you,” “sorry,” “please,” “excuse me” and gestures such as holding the door for others, not using phone while we are with someone, listening, offering your seat to someone in need, smiling at strangers while having an eye contact and many such small actions which can make someone feel a bit more happy and comfortable with you. These actions and words will also induce positivity in our mind and soul.

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Essay on Benefits of Good Manners in Life – Essay 2 (300 words)


Manners are basically a reflection of one’s character. They are a type of non-verbal communication with the surroundings we are dealing with. Every surrounding demands a different set of manners and it is very important to deal with it accordingly. Manners are the way we behave with people. It is specifically the behaviour that is socially acceptable and right. It is the way you show respect for their feelings.

Benefits of Good Manners in Life

Good manners are important in both personal and professional life of a person. Manners help in keeping things together and right. Without good manners everything would be a mess, classrooms would sound more like a fish market, dining tables would be full of gross scenarios, salesman would fail at his sales and every such thing would go wrong.

Having good manners shows that you respect the person you are interacting with. It will help you provide a positive image of yourself to the world. Your manners are the first thing a person would consider while judging you, because it is what sets your first impression. Even in the interviews, before evaluating your communication skills and technical knowledge your manners and etiquettes are taken into consideration.

The people you connect with everyday can be pleased with how you treat them. This quality of treating people right can come to your aid in every circumstance. It can help you while socializing with different types of people. You can easily make new friends and win their trust.


Keeping in mind the importance and benefits of good manners, one should always try to inculcate these in his day to day life. By way of this, he would not only benefit himself but will also contribute towards a more balanced and sophisticated society. Above everything it is our moral duty to treat everyone right.

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Long Essay on Good Manners in Life: Meaning, Importance and Examples – Essay 3 (400 words)


Courteous and kind behaviour of the people is termed as having good manners. It is a way in which a person acts with others. It can be expressed through your conduct, your words and your deeds. It is something that has to be taught and inculcated from the very beginning. Childhood is most likely the time when you can actually teach things to the child and can moreover be assured that it would remain with him till he lives.

Every day, every situation in our lives we got to follow a conduct, a conduct that is kind, gentle and respectful to everyone be it your boss or a janitor, it is a courtesy we owe to people, to strangers and to the known ones.

Importance of Good Manners

Having good manners is considered a virtue. It is very important to have good manners. A person’s manners describe his character. In each and every phase of life a person is going to be judged on the basis of his first impression, and it is what lasts forever in a person’s mind. Our manners introduce us to others before we speak.

Thus, it becomes very important for a person to create a right first impression. Good manners are one of the traits that count the most. A good conduct towards a person makes him feel respected and he or she instantly starts getting a good vibe for that person. Friendships are initiated and relationships are strengthened on the basis of good manners.

Examples of Good Manners

Here are some of the examples of good manners:

  1. Knocking a door before you enter a room shows that you respect the person and his privacy.
  2. Greeting everyone with a smiling face when you meet is a basic code of conduct which shows that you are happy to have that person there.
  3. Using words such as please, sorry and thank you shows that you respect the person’s emotions.
  4. Talking slowly in the public places shows that you respect the dignity of that place.
  5. To share your things with others and help them when in need shows that you are making efforts for that person and thus he or she is important to you in life.
  6. In a group discussion when you don’t cut anyone’s point and let everyone get their chance to speak, it shows that you respect the speaker and his right to speak.


Many more such small things that we tend to ignore in our day to day lives can have a great impact on us and our lives. Thus, one should always act keeping these things in consciousness. Good manners are important and must be inculcated in our lives.

Honors & Degree, HSC, SSC, JSC Suggestion

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Honors & Degree, HSC, SSC, JSC Suggestion

Long Essay on Importance of Good Manners in Life – Essay 4 (500 words)


Good manners are defined as courteous behaviour of a person. A person having good manners is polite and socially acceptable. He possesses a behaviour that is liked by all and which shows respect towards all classes of society. Everyone in a society is distinguished by the manners he or she possesses, everything else namely smartness, intelligence and appearance is considered secondary. Importance of good manners can be classified into two parts. Here is a look at both these to understand them well:

Importance of Good Manners in Social Life

Good Manners are a kind of way to interact with people. It is more of an art, the better you become you get to discover more and more perks of learning it. Some common and known advantages of good manners are:

  • A person with good manners is loved by all
  • He or she becomes more desirable
  • As you have treated everyone with respect you also easily get favors from everyone in the hour of need
  • Even if you are in a situation wherein you have to interact with new people, it won’t be a difficult task for you. A person with good manners can easily draw everyone’s attention.

Nowadays, with proper learning and practice everyone can learn to behave decently, one can so easily pretend to be well mannered but the real test of being genuine comes during the trying times. It is normal to lose your mind at times in such situations but even in these times if you prove to be kind and respectful only then you can be considered legitimate mannered.

Importance of Good Manners in Professional Life

Nowadays, being mannered in your professional life is of prime importance. In job interviews, first thing that is considered is the etiquettes and behaviour of a person. Many people even after trying for numerous times despite having technical knowledge fail to clear their job interviews. One of the reasons can be lack of good manners during interview.

Even though people are aware how important it is to behave properly they fail at times, maybe because their brain is not habitual of keeping their behaviour in tact due to nervousness. One of the reasons for this is that we don’t practice being mannered in our day to day lives. Thus, it is very important for one to inculcate these things as soon as possible.

It’s not only about behaving properly during the interview but also in the office during normal working days, communicating with your seniors and juniors, your manners during a business meeting, or at the time of presentation, etc. We are being observed at every step at our workplace. Thus, it is necessary to learn manners in order to prosper in career.


Treating everyone with kindness and respect will not only make them happy but will also gain that same kindness and respect for you. Who in this world doesn’t want to be treated nicely? But before asking for it we shall give. It’s the only reasonable way we can expect for a good treatment from others.

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Long Essay on Why is it Important to Have Good Etiquette and Manners in Life – Essay 5 (600 Words)


What is it that momentarily comes to your mind if you consider an image of an ideal person in your life? It would with no doubts be some well mannered person with splendid personality, who is intelligent and has good sense of humour.

In this case one can compromise on sense of humour and even a bit of on intelligence and personality but manners – manners and etiquettes hold a staunch ground here. What is the point of person being smart and intelligent if he or she cannot treat the ones they interact with rightly and spoil the mood of everyone around? Yes, that is the importance of good manners and etiquettes in one’s life. It is a code of behavioural conduct that is polite and socially acceptable and liked by all.

Why is it Important to Have Good Etiquette and Manners in Life

Good manners will not only make things better in your surroundings but will eventually make things good for you. When we live in a society, there are some things that are expected from us as an individual. These include a conduct that is helpful, polite and kind to everyone. It helps in keeping things easy and smooth. Here is how you can positively impact the people around you by proper etiquettes and manners:

  1. Not honking unnecessarily on the road conveys that you don’t want to cause unnecessary noise pollution and you respect the person driving ahead of you.
  2. Eating with sophistication and not making unnecessary noise while chewing shows that you respect the dignity of the place and people surrounding you.
  3. Being silent when you are in a classroom or meeting and listening to the people shows that you are genuinely interested in what the speaker has to speak and indirectly you encourage a person to speak or perform better.
  4. Using your mobile phone unnecessarily when you are in a group or with an individual person shows that you are ignoring them and have no wish to be there with them, so use of mobile should be avoided.
  5. Maintaining cleanliness in public places, offices and institutions conveys that he or she respects the dignity of the place and the people who are using it.
  6. Being polite with everyone will help them say their thing openly and will make them like you.
  7. Using offensive language in public shows you hinder the peace of mind of the people surrounding you. Thus, use of these words should be avoided.
  8. Making fun of people’s weakness shows that you are inconsiderate and you are ignorant about the feelings of the person concerned. Instead encouraging them would work wonders for you and the person both.
  9. Complimenting a person genuinely would show that you are actually concerned about that person and thus keep notice of what he or she does and would also make that person like you.
  10. Having fine etiquettes can also help you with your confidence with time.


At times it is hard for us to be mannered and keep up with social conducts especially when we are with our close ones. We tend to grow highly informal when we’re around them which up to some limit is acceptable but it is also important to keep in mind that we do not cross our line.

To survive in this competitive and fast growing world wherein everything is so temporary it is extremely important to impress other people genuinely. Good manners go a long way in making our lives better. They help in being socially accepted, having loving relationships and doing well professionally. A person who is good mannered is loved by everyone and is much likely to prosper in personal and professional life.

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