Paragraph Writing The Historic Speech of March 7 & Higher Education

The Historic Speech of March 7         

Bangladesh was under oppressive Pakistani regime for long 24 years. The Pakistani rulers deprived us of our rights. They dominated us in possible ways. They never thought of the development of this country or the welfare of the Bangalees.  Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was the great leader of this soil who led the nation to the liberation war.

In the election of 1970, the people of Bengal voted for Awami League. But Yahya Khan started plotting against the Bangalees to prevent them from coming to power. The historic speech of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman on March 7, 1971 is the most remarkable incident in the history of Bangladesh. He delivered the speech in the then Rescourse Maidan. The whole nation was roused through this speech and got the message to start liberation war. Mujib narrated in his speech how the Pakistani rulers oppressed us,

how the common people stained the roads of Bengal with their blood to establish their rights. He narrated how the rights of people were curtailed at every step. Sheikh Mujib gave directions to all. He asked the workers to stop the production of mills and factories. He asked the army and the police not to fire on people. He asked the govt. officials to shut down everything.

He asked to form revolutionary committees in every village. Bangabandhu asked everyone to be prepared with they had in their possession. The speech was a guideline for liberation war. It is one of the greatest speeches in the history of the world. The significance of the speech in the life of Bengali people is beyond description.

[Note: Sample Answer: Md Rakib Hossain Sojol (Bangla News Express)]

Higher Education

In Bangladesh higher education has earned a momentous gain. After the birth of the country a new territory for the higher education has been opened up. In the context of Bangladesh, higher education means bachelor degree or more than that to be received after the H.S.C level. Some common degrees of higher education in Bangladesh are Graduate, Postgraduate, Honours degree. Masters’ degree, MBBS, B.B.A, M.B.A, Ph. D, M. Phil in various subjects of Arts, Commerce and Science.

There about 2300 degree colleges, 13 state run universities, 13 state run medical colleges, 4 engineering colleges in our country. There are one medical university and one Engineering University in our country. There are also a number of private universities in the country. But education in these institutions is very expensive. Besides, standard of education in these institutions is not satisfactory.

But these institutions offer courses in a wide range of subjects, including traditional arts subjects as well as science and technology. If anyone wishes to enter the realm of higher education at first he must pass the H.S.C examination. But all students passing the H.S.C examination will not be eligible for higher education.

As places are limited they have to sit for a placement test. It is unfortunate that higher education in Bangladesh is troubled with politics and violence. The government should take steps to reform the higher education system so that we can get skilled manpower.

[Note: Sample Answer: Md Rakib Hossain Sojol (Bangla News Express)]

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